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Announcement of reprinting of the Survey Manual for Tropical Marine
Resources, 2nd Edition, eds English, S., Wilkinson, C. & Baker, V. Published
by Australian Institute of Marine Science, July 1997 (a non-profit

The Survey Manual has been reprinted by AIMS as a contribution to the
monitoring of  coral reefs, mangrove forests, seagrass beds and soft
sediment communities around the world.

The coral reef methods in an earlier version of this Survey Manual were
selected in 1992 as the basis  for reef monitoring under IOC-UNEP-IUCN
Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network, but  not the exclusive methods. The
Survey Manual developed out an Australian aid project combining  the
expertise of scientists from Southeast Asia and AIMS over 10 years, starting
in 1984.  There are 12 year data archives from South East Asia, parts of the
Pacific and Indian Oceans using these methods. The GCRMN has recommended the
use of the manta tow, line intercept transect using lifeform categories and
visual fish census methods (or equivalent methods) as the baseline for
global monitoring. The Survey Manual also has techniques for permanent
quadrats, assessing coral and fish recruitment and a new section on video
transects.  Monitoring via Reef Check is based largely on these methods.

The updated and expanded second edition of the Survey Manual replaces the
1st edition that was printed in 1994 and has been out of print for 18
months. The methods are essentially the same, but  the new edition contains
colour plates of corals and other lifeform categories and several additional

The Survey Manual is being distributed on a non-profit basis by AIMS, and
other sponsors (World Bank and SIDA,  Environment Agency of Japan,  SPREP,
IUCN, INTROMARC and EPHE/CRIOBE and Fondation Naturalia Polynesia) have
assisted to make these methods available to developing countries.

The Survey Manual for Tropical Marine Resources 2nd Edition is available,

Within Australia including postage Au$40.00   (approx. US$30)
Outside Australia including postage Au$50.00  (approx. US$37.50)
Over the counter Au$30.00                     (approx. US$22.50) 
Bulk orders may be cheaper with reduced freight and postage costs.

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