coral death marks

Bruce Carlson carlson at
Sat Aug 16 00:55:41 EDT 1997


I can give you photos for scars produced by Exallias brevis and Chaetodon
ornatissimus.  Both produce similar, superficial scars which are easily
recognizable on Porites spp.  I do not have photos of the deeper scars
produced by Arothron meleagris and Cantherhines dumerilii and other
similar coralivores.


On Fri, 15 Aug 1997, Les Kaufman wrote:

> Is there somewhere an illustrated encyclopedia of predator lesions on
> corals and the organisms that produced them?  I once produced such a thing
> for Jamaica, am now having to do it in Hawaii (since so much is known
> this is not terribly difficult), and continually feel like
> this is reinventing the wheel.  Or could we just pool our information so
> the resource WOULD exist, say, on the WWW.  The same would be useful for
> responses to stressors that might be mistaken for bleaching.  

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