Don E Baker dbaker at tm.net.my
Sun Jun 29 04:32:26 EDT 1997

> Don,
> I can't believe you actually wrote about Philippe taking Jacque's
> place and then  sent this message out around the world attached to an
> advert for your new pavilion. As many of the recipiants of you advert
> will know, Philippe died in 1979, June 28th, ie this anniversary was
> the day after you sent your message.
> I'm sure your grief and your intentions are as sincere as everyone elses.
> Good luck with your pavilion. You'll find lots of info. by searching for "Cousteau".
> eg  http://www.weburbia.com/pg/cousteau.htm
> Also check out the Daddy Dearest article on:
>  http://outside.starwave.com/magazine/0396/9603fdad.html

Sorry............to you and all...got my "Cousteau" sons mixed up.  I 
meant Jean-Michel. 


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