Coral reef research opportunities for a budding scientist.

Thu Nov 13 14:23:58 EST 1997

	My name is christopher Lambrecht ans I am a gaduationg senior from
the University of Colorado @ Boulder. My studies have focused on marine
ecology, organism biology, and environmental studies. I have spent my time
at CU indepently researching topics such as beharioral efference in
cichlid fish, distribution of marine viruses with depth and plankton
abundance, copepod patchiness in lake systems, and most recently
anthropogenic stresses on La Ceiba reef in Mexico. i want to contribute to
the thorough understanding and effective preservation of the world's
diminishing reefs.  
	In a month I am leaving for a eight week indepentdent research
project onm a heavily used and abused reef system in Mexico. After this
project is complete I am hoping to secure an internship or assistant
research position. PLEASE reply to this message if you can help me in ANY
way. My email address is lambrecc at, and my phone number
is 303-440-1052. Please help a budding reef ecologist to contribute to
such a growing, and much needed field.
				Thank you.

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