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Subject: Reef mass bleaching due to CO2 rise

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Here are one chapter and descriptions of experiments upon the relation
between bleaching and CO2 rise. They are taken from the
(english-uncorrected) new version of my "Review on Coral Reef
Bleaching", to be published in Atoll Research Bulletin (214p.). The old
version can be found at Thanks for


We will now summarize our hypothesis that the recent worldwide mass
bleaching is due to the CO2 rise through symbiont PS II
photoinhibition. We came to this conclusion in time when CO2 and PS II
were not edvoked, but after a carefull integration of all the available
data (1992 first version of this report, Pêcheux, 1993, 1994). Contrary
to common scientific problematic, reef mass bleaching, a global
question, must be understood from connections and convergences of all
science disciplines, from biochemistry to physiology, ecology,
oceanography, planet systems and geology, as we tried to do in this

[ etc. ]

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