New York Times article

Wed Sep 10 15:41:43 EDT 1997

  I am posting a belated comment with regard to the recent article on
coral reefs that appeared in the New York Times, and was distributed
on this network.

  I wish to point out that I was quoted out of context concerning
the use of vacuuming as a technique to treat diseased corals.  I
wholeheartedly endorse, and have frequently used, Harold Hudson's
underwater vacuuming apparatus to treat corals with black band 
disease, with close to 100% success.  My quote in the Times article
saying I "couldn't imagine using this technique to treat corals" ienei

was in the specific context of potentially treating plague type II
epizootics, which at a given time may affect literally hundreds if
not thousands of small (less than 10 cm diameter) coral colonies.
Prior to this comment, I had discussed successful treatmejnt of
the larger and fewer coral colonies usually affected in black
band outbfeaks.

  Thank you for the opportunity to address this issue.  If anyone
is interested in Harold Hudson's technique, his offices are at
the Florida Keys National Marine sanctuary in Key Largo.

Laurie Richardson
Associate Professor
Florida International University
Miami, FL  33199
fax 348-1986

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