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Hi Don,
here is some literature about electrolytic mineral accretion and artificial reefs:

Freney, R.; Kelly, M.S., 1997: Reviving reefs. Audubon March-April: 23

Goreau, T.J.; Hilbertz, W., 1995: Coral reef restoration on electrolytic
mineral accretion structures in Jamaica. Abstracts, European meeting of the
international society for reef studies (ISRS)

Goreau, T.J.; Hilbertz, W., 1996: Reef restoration using sea-water
electrolysis in Jamaica.
Abstracts, 8th International Coral Reef Symposium Panamá, June 1996

Hilbertz, W., 1992: Solar-generated building material from seawater as a
sink for carbon. Ambio 21(2): 126-129

Hilbertz, W., 1981: The electrodeposition of minerals in sea water for the
construction and maintenance Of artificial reefs. Florida Sea Grant College
Report 41: 123-148

Hilbertz, W.; Fletcher, D.; Krausse, C., 1977: Mineral accretion technology:
applications for architecture and aquaculture.
Industrialization Forum 8(4-5): 75-84

Hilbertz, W.; Goreau, T.J., 1996: Method of enhancing the growth of aquatic
organisms, and structures created therby. United States Patent

Pearce,F., 1996: Scrapyard reef a home to coral. New Scientist 2047

Treeck, P.van; Schuhmacher, H., 1997: Initial survival of coral nubbins
transplanted by a new coral transplantation technology - options for reef
rehabilitation. Marine Ecology Progress Series 150: 287-292

ss Series 150: 287-292

Prof. H. Schuhmacher: bbi300 at

This should be a starting point for you.



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