Graduating senior looking for research position.

Ben Richards blrF94 at
Wed Jan 7 01:11:24 EST 1998

My apologies for any and all cross postings...

To whom it may concern -

	Let me introduce myself.  My name is Benjamin Richards.  I will
be graduating from Hampshire College, Amherst, Massachusetts, in May of
1998.  At Hampshire I have been studying Marine Ecology and have taken
many classes in the subject at Hampshire, Smith College, Mt. Holyoke
College, The University of Massachusetts, and Duke University.  I have
also taken part in several research projects working through Hampshire
College, Duke University, and the University of Washington.

	I have been a member of the "Marbio," "Coral," and "Caribbean"
listserves for about three years, and have done my best to read
everything that has streamed into my mailbox.  Many of these messages
have introduced me to new marine laboratories and the scientists working
at them.  Two of my most interesting and educational summer positions
have come directly from contacts made through the "Marbio" listserve.

	With my graduation imminent, I am looking to make contact with
many of those scientists I have talked with in the past, and many with
whom I have not yet spoken, to inquire about current job openings in the
field of Marine Ecology.  I am looking for a  research positio lasting at
least a year, and am especialy interested in one which would allow me to
continue working while pursuing a graduate education (which I have
tentative plans to begin around the fall of 1998).

	I am most interested in positions concerning fish population
ecology, especially in coral reef ecosystems, but welcome information on
other positions as well.  As for practical experience in the field, the
two summer research seasons, which I mention above, took place at the
Friday Harbor Marine Laboratory (University of Washington) where I spent
one summer assisiting a postdoctoral researcher, studying the effects of
current regime and habitat structure on juvenile rockfish.  The second
summer I assisted another postdoctoral researcher studying the effects of
Marine Protected Areas on older rockfish populations as well as their
effects on red abalone populations on the northern California coast.  I
have also spent a semester at the Bermuda Biological Station studying
coral reef fish populations.  These experiences have convinced me that
Marine Ecology, and especially coral reef fish ecology, is the field I
would like to pursue.

	I thank in advance all that respond to this message.  I am happy
to provide a copy of my CV to all who are interested.  I look forward to
talking with you in the future and hope that the holiday season finds you


				Ben Richards
				Hampshire College #928
				Amherst, MA  01002-5001
				(413) 549-4600
				brichards at

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