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Date: Mon, 26 Jan 98 13:51:27 -0500
Subject: Re: Bleaching? and Coral spawning in the Seychelles?
To: Georg Heiss <heiss at>, coral-list
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Georg -- We have been noting SSTs close to what are critial levels [30C]
for bleaching near the Seychelles for a couple months now....has anyone
heard of/seen notes of recent bleaching from this location?  We had heard
that some bleaching was observed last April [1997].

Al Strong

On Mon, 26 Jan 1998, Georg Heiss <heiss at> wrote:
>Dear list members,
>Does anyone know something about the time of coral spawning in the Seychelles?
>Thank you for your time.  Could you please reply to me directly.
>Dr. Georg A. Heiss
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