Tahiti Bleaching

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We just received this query about possible bleaching near Tahiti:

....our response follows [posted at the HotSpot WebSite]...

Dear Alan,

 We have reports that SST  around Tahiti and Moorea has raised to 30° C,
but we do not have any information on the conditions under which such
values are recorded (e.g. lagoon waters, open ocean ...) If such values are
representative of the true situation, then conditions for a bleaching event
could me met.  From your satellite data, could you confirm that something
is brewing?

 Many thanks and kind regards

Michel [Pichon]


NOTES:    January 27, 1998 -- HotSpots

SSTs have inched a bit higher in the vicinity of the 
Galapagos, approaching 29C within the El Nino 
"HotSpot," showing values nearly 3 deg C above 
the warmest climatological SST for the ENTIRE year; 
30C SSTs can be seen to the NE off the coast of 
Central America.  The HotSpot envelope has pressed 
southward toward Tahiti during the past few weeks 
and there is some concern that the 30C [plus] SSTs 
near 150W/15S may expand toward Tahiti and 
French Polynesia.

In the Indian Ocean, the large HotSpot that has been
elongated NW-SE shows signs of weakening.  Concern
has been expressed that these extreme SSTs may have
caused some bleaching near the Seychelles.


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