spiny lobster reference

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Dear Albert Thiel and Coral listers

Would you like to inform an E-Mail of Martin Moe, Please.....

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>Martin Moe (Green Turtle Press) wrong an exhaustive book called Lobsters
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>Subject: spiny lobster reference
>Dear Coral lister
>I have been interested about spiny lobster (Panulirus spp), but in my
>college (Fisheries of Riau University, Riau-Indonesia) I never get the
>references about it.
>I'm 26th old, I'm a U/W photographer specialist and an environmental
>journalist. At now I'm active on Coral reef Rehabilitation and management
>program of Riau Province, Indonesia.
>I will study about spiny lobster in Indonesia. I hope some body help me
>please send me a refference and the name/E-mail of spiny lobster expert.
>coremap-bappeda tk-I Riau, Indonesia
>Fadil Nandila
>crmpriau at pbaru.wasantara.net.id
>mailing addres:
>FAKS. 62-761-36035

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