Reefs At Risk--Help adopt a "Great River"?

Judith C. Lang jlang at
Thu Jun 25 13:38:00 EDT 1998

Hello all,
I'd like to follow up on Steve Miller's observation that the "Great Rivers"
of the Americas are likely to be contributing to problems of water quality
in the western Atlantic. For reasons that include enlightened
self-interest, perhaps those of us who care about its reefs should seek out
and support with our time and/or money local efforts (in states bordering
the Gulf of Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, etc.) to cleanse these rivers of
their excess sediments and pollutants.
Judy Lang
Texas Memorial Museum
2400 Trinity
Austin, TX 78705
(512) 471-4954, -4542 (V)
(512) 471-9425 (F)

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