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 I've received numerous requests from list-serve readers for on-line access
to my coral article. The link is: (if that doesn't work,  go to
the homepage, then do a search on key words Coral and

Also, the following   item appeared on greenlines news service.
I'm curious whether there are any reports of direct damage on reefs as a
result of such dumping events:

>CRUISE LINE FINED FOR DUMPING:  AP reports 10/14 a US District Court
>Monday fined Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. $8 million for illegal fuel
>dumping and a subsequent cover-up.  The liner pumped oil, water and
>bilge into waters off the coasts of both Puerto Rico and Canada.  The
>company also pleaded guilty to falsifying records of the discharges,
>and tampering with oil sensors.  The fine represents the largest
>environmental penalty ever imposed on a cruise line, and was intended
>to "send a message" to ship operators that environmental crimes will
>not go unpunished, said US Attorney Guillermo Gil.


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