non-indigenous species in reef systems

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On Mon, 8 Mar 1999, Les Kaufman wrote:

> 3.  Fish introductions in coral reef systems are not unknown, but their
> effects are not well known.  The classic example is the introduction of
> Cephalophalis argus (and three other species) to Hawaiian waters.  Jack
> Randall is the expert on that.  C. argus is now an abundant fish in some
> places, and you have to suspect that the introduction of a small grouper to
> a reef system that formerly lacked any such creature has to have some
> interesting effects.

Of greater concern has been the bluestripe snapper Lutajanus kasmira that
was introduced to Hawaii in 1958 against the advice of Jack Randall. It is
now believed that this species may be impacting kona crab populations and
deepwater snapper, opakapaka.

> 5.  Aquarists or aquarium fish collectors have tried to introduce valuable
> Indo-Pacific species to Kaneohoe Bay.  For example, several lemonpeel
> angelfish were known in the bay for a while, though I don't think they
> established and I have not seen them around.  Talk to Chris Brown at HIMB
> about the aquarium trade.

They are still there, along with Christmas Island flame angels and Koran

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