Spratly imagery?

Phillip Sollins sollinsp at ccmail.orst.edu
Tue Mar 30 14:43:11 EST 1999

  Dear Coral-listers:

  I have a Vietnamese Marine Resources masters student interested in
  doing a project on resource management issues in either the
  Spratlies or some of the VN coastal islands.  Has anyone looked for
  (found?) relatively cloudfree imagery for either of these areas. I
  went through MSS and TM GLIS files and found one image for coastal
  VN north of CamRonh Bay but nothing usable for the Spratlies.  I
  will also try SPOT and contacting some people directly at NASA, but
  if anyone knows of usable images or of anyone who has wroked with
  imagery for coral reefs from this region, I'd appreciate a note.

  Thanks. -- Phil Sollins (sollins at fsl.orst.edu)

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