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>From a friend of mine in Bundaberg, Australia.

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Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 14:52:32 -1000
Subject: hi from john in bundy

The coral here is nothing short of fantastic at present. There is no sign of 
the bleaching and in fact we believe the regeneration is an improvement on 
what was there before. This is the opinion of several old timers who have 
been diving these parts for many years.

Most amazing is the favia types. Many that I had given up for dead have
come back with a vengence, and have such vivid color that it is impossible
to believe that a year ago they were a bleached skeleton seemingly void of
life. As I said before the Dendro's are also proliferating and have
populated areas that they previously were not to be found. This is
especially true in areas less than 15' depth.

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