coelenterate sensory systems

Chris Bentis cbentis at
Mon May 24 16:30:17 EDT 1999

Is anyone familiar with the anatomy of surficial microstructures 
on polyp tentacles.  I have observed on SEM small (~1 micron) hair-like
structures and have seen them referred to, in a book entitled "Microbial
Seascapes", as a bacterial lawn.  It has been brought to my attention
that they curiously resemble cilliated epithelium. If anyone has seen
these structures or has
anymore information as to their identity, function, etc. I would greatly
appreciate it.  They were observed by myself on a coral local to
Woods Hole, MA Astrangia danae (also the one referred to in Microbial
Seascapes"), and one that was collected at
Johnston atoll, Acropora cytherea. 
Thank you. 

Christopher J. Bentis
Boston University Marine Program
5 Cummington St. 
Boston, MA 02215    

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