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Mon Oct 11 09:09:45 EDT 1999

The Scientific Center of Monaco (Observatoire Océanologique Européen) invites
applications for a one year post-doctoral position in coral ecophysiology. The
research will be carried out within the team of ecophysiology leaded by
Christine Pagès and should focus on the effects of an increased pCO2 on coral
and zooxanthellae physiology. The candidate should have a significant
practical experience in the seawater dissolved inorganic carbon chemistry.
Knowledge of coral biology would be appreciated. 

A current CV should be sent by way of application to

	Prof. Jean Jaubert, Director
	or Dr. Christine Pagès
	Observatoire Océanologique Européen
	c/o Musée Océanographique
	Av. Saint-Martin
	MC 98000 Monaco (Principality)

	tel: 377-92-16-79-83
	fax: 377-92-16-79-81
	email: csm.ooe at

from whom further information can be obtained.

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