info on Madrepora-Acropora Species

Gianna Innocenti ganesh at
Mon Feb 7 07:32:51 EST 2000

Dear Colleagues,
I am actually working on a very old Anthozoa collection in the  Zoological
Museum 'La Specola', Firenze (Italy). I have many problems in locate the
actual name of some Madrepora species - names that I found written on the
old labels on specimens. I am sure that they are now Acropora, but using
the Zoological Record and the references available in our Library, I
couldn't locate them. Does anybody know the validity of such species and
any good and recent references that can help me? Any help will be more than
Here there are:

specific name	collection locality
Madrepora appressa Dana	Fiji Is.
Madrepora arabica M.Edwards & Haime	Red Sea
Madrepora canaliculata Klunzinger	Red Sea
Madrepora candelabrum Sh.	??
Madrepora cycloptera Dana	Indopacific region
Madrepora echidnoea Dana	Fiji Is.
Madrepora effusa Dana	Indian Oc., Samoa Is.
Madrepora forskiali Ehreberg	Red Sea
Madrepora monasteriata M.Edwards	Red Sea
Madrepora obtusata Klunzinger	Red Sea
Madrepora pharaonis M.Edwards	Red Sea
Madrepora plantaginea Lamarck	Indian Oc.
Madrepora pocillifera Lamarck	Samoa Is.
Madrepora prostata Dana	Fiji Is.
Madrepora pustolosa M.Edwards	Red Sea
Madrepora scherzeriana (Hoek) Brugg.	Red Sea
Madrepora secunda Dana	??
Madrepora securis Dana	Pacific Oc. ?
Madrepora surculosa Dana 	Indian Oc.
Madrepora verrucosa M.Edwards	Red Sea

Thank you,

Deborah Benvenuti

Collaborator to the Cnidaria Collection
Museo di Storia Naturale dell’Università degli Studi di Firenze
Sezione di Zoologia "La Specola"
Via Romana, 17
50125 Firenze
fax: 0039 055 225325

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