Coral Reef Positions Open

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     DATE:  February 2000



     Background:  The National Park Service (NPS) is seeking to improve 
     coral reef conservation within the Pacific Island parks in support of 
     a Presidential Executive Order calling for better protection and 
     management of our nation's coral reef resources.  In the next six 
     months, the NPS will hire up to 4 professional coral reef specialists 
     in the Pacific West Region.  Applicants selected will be required to 
     develop scientifically based programs to inventory, map, monitor and 
     protect coral reefs. This is only a Notice of Intent NOT a Vacancy 
     Announcement. Do not send any job applications at this time.

     Program Design: The initial network will consist of four park-based 
     coral reef specialists (target grade GS-11) and one science advisor 
     based at a university (target grade GS-13).  This group will develop 
     park based natural resource management programs, integrating coral 
     reef conservation with management of a full range of other aquatic and 
     terrestrial resources.

     Selected applicants will also be expected to foster cooperative 
     interagency relationships and coordinate programs with local and 
     national coral reef initiatives.

     Location:  Duty stations are projected to be located in Hawaii and 

     Expertise Desired: NPS is seeking qualified applicants in the 
     following or closely related fields:  

     Marine Ecology             Coral Reef Ecology      Marine Botany       
        Conservation Biology
     Marine Biology             Oceanography            Marine Fisheries

     Employment Level: Professional level, full-time permanent positions 
     ranging from GS-09 ($39,665 to $51,561) to GS-13 ($68,400 to $88,917) 
     which may include a cost of living allowance and/or non-foreign post 
     differential of 15% to 25% depending on duty station location and an 
     employee's eligibility for the non-foreign post differential. 
     Applicants will need to meet basic educational and work experience 
     requirements as defined by the Office of Personnel Management for 
     these positions (see web site for more information at

     The applicant must be a United States citizen or American Samoan.  
     Current federal government employment may or may not be required as a 
     condition for applying for these positions. This will be determined at 
     a later date. The employment status of the position will be displayed 
     on the Vacancy Announcement as well as other hiring criteria that may 

     Notice of interest: If you wish to be notified by surface mail or by 
     email when the coral reef specialist vacancy announcement becomes 
     available, please submit a letter, postcard or email of your interest 
     by March 1, 2000 to the address below. Also provide an indication of 
     your interest in positions stationed in Guam and Hawaii (islands of 
     Hawaii, Molokai, and Oahu). Again, do not send job applications at 
     this time.

     Coral Reef Outreach c/o National Park Service, Pacific West Region, 
     600 Harrison St., Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94107-1372 or email to: 
     pwro_coral_reef at

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