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Mariko Abe shark at
Tue Jan 18 10:07:08 EST 2000

Dear Dr John McManus & everyone who answered my quesitons

Thank you very much for all. It helped me a lot! 

> 1.      They, in this case, means France, which hosted highly productive
> ICRI meetings in Paris and Guadaluope during 1999.
> 2.      Million is correct.
> 3.      ICRAN is a project name. It is really an umbrella project,
> consisting of distinct, highly interactive, coordinated activities among
> seven primary international institutions, several regional seas programs and
> a large number of partner agencies.
> Translations are extremely important to our efforts in reef conservation,
> and your work is greatly appreciated.
> Domo arigato gozaimashita!
> John McManus

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