FWD: New Scholarships for Spring 2001 in Marine Biology/Ecology

Alina M. Szmant szmanta at uncwil.edu
Sat Sep 2 17:30:37 EDT 2000

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>From: "Mary L. Akers, ITME Student Affairs" <makers at swva.net>
>Subject: New Scholarships for Spring 2001 in Marine Biology/Ecology
>The Institute for Tropical Marine Ecology is pleased to announce the
>availability of a limited number of
>scholarships for its Spring 2001 semester program in
>Thanks to our new Martina Kelly Memorial Grant, we are now able to offer up
>to $ 3,000.00 off our already low regular tuition to qualifying students
>with demonstrated financial need. This now makes us the lowest priced
>marine semester abroad program in the Caribbean!
>Dominica (NOT the Dominica Republic) boasts lush tropical rainforests and
>unspoiled emerald waters in which to study, experience, and conserve
>nature's bounty.
>Consider all the benefits covered by your tuition:
>* 15 academic credit hours
>* 5 courses in marine ecology and conservation
>* 12 weeks full room and board
>* 30 - 40 fully paid SCUBA/snorkeling excursions
>* exciting guest lecturers
>* sight seeing to Dominica's amazing Boiling Lake and other island
>* travel in and around Dominica
>* intensive, hands-on training and field work
>* the opportunity to be among the first to research
>Dominica's vastly uncharted marine habitats
>* participation in community outreach and environmental education
>To view our on-going research please visit our photo gallery
>at http://www.itme.org
>Contact us for further information at admin at itme.org
>We look forward to hearing from you.
>Mary L. Akers
>Student Affairs Coordinator / Admissions
>Institute for Tropical Marine Ecology  ITME
>ITME Inc.
>Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica
>West Indies
>Phone (767) 449 3725
>Fax (801) 504 4369  [web based]
>admin at itme.org
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