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Tue Apr 3 01:49:26 EDT 2001

Dear listers

I would like to get some information on volunteer or 
compensated position in marine conservation activities 
during the summer months (May through August). I am a 
Marine Science instructor at the College of the Marshall 
Islands and I have a PhD in Marine Environmental Sciences. 
I am strongly interested in field work for conservation 
purposes and in education and outreach of local people in 
developing countries.  I have a dive master certification 
and experience with underwater surveys for conservation 
I would be really grateful if you could give me 
information on such issues.
Thank you all very much in advance, and have a nice week!!


Silvia Pinca
Marine Science Program
College of the Marshall Islands
Majuro, MH.96960
ph. 692-625-5903
e-mail: silvinha at

here's the resume:


Marine Science Program
College of the Marshall Islands
Majuro, MH. 96960
Silvinha at
Phone: 692-625-5903

Born in Genoa, Italy, on February 24, 1967
Citizenship:  Italian

Keywords: conservation, marine environmental sciences, 
marine biology, coral reef ecology, biodiversity, 
sustainable development, education, outreach

1994 	PhD Marine Environmental Sciences, University of 
Genoa, Italy. 

2001 MSc in Natural Sciences, University of Genoa, Italy.  
Best mention.  

1999-2000 Research assistant at Department of Ecology and 
Evolution, University of Chicago. 

1995-1997 Research assistant at the Marine Biology 
Research Division, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, 
University of California San Diego.  

1995 Research assistant at Station Zoologique, University 
Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris VI.  

2001 Marine Science Instructor, College of the Marshall 
Islands. Courses taught: "Introduction to Marine Biology", 
and "Tropical Reef Ecosystems of the Pacific".

2000	Science Officer: marine science coordinator, 
instructor and surveyor for Coral Reefs Conservation 

1999	Environmental Education coordinator in coral reefs 
ecosystems, Maldives atolls.

1997	Marine Biology tutor for a summer course of 
Biological Oceanography at the University of Southern 

1995	Environmental education coordinator in coral reefs 
ecosystems, Maldives atolls. 

1990-1994	Participation as science observer to research 
projects for the European Union on red shrimp and 
swordfish fishing, and oil spills accidents.

1995-1997	Two years scholarship from the University of 
Genoa for Specialization abroad

2000 Scholarship from European Union for the "Advanced 
Study Course in Marine Science and Technology".

1994 	Scholarship form the European Community for Science 
Activity Abroad

1991-1994	Scholarship from the University of Genoa for the 
Research Doctorate (Ph.D.)

2001 Oceanographic cruise J-GOFS in the Ross Sea, 
1996	Oceanographic cruises in the Pacific Ocean: Hawaiíi
1988-89 Oceanographic cruises for the University of Genova

1996	Numerical Analysis in Marine Ecology, University of 
Paris VI. 

1992	Numerical Analysis of data and signals in Marine 
Ecology, University of Paris VI. 

1989 	Oceanology Course, University of Trieste.  

* Zooplankton and Sampling techniques with nets (Isaac 
Kidd Midwater Trawl, Bongo, WPII, Mocness); monitoring 
techniques with electronic instruments (sonar, 
* Deployment of electronic instruments: Optical Plankton 
Counter, GPS, spectrophotometer, fluorometer.
* Chemical analysis: nitrogen, phosphorus, chlorophyll in 
* Data analysis and statistics: univariate and 
multivariate analysis.
* Computer use: word processors and spreadsheets; data 
base; data analysis softwares; graphic softwares for 
presentations; internet and e-mail.
* Boat maneuvering.
* Scuba dive security and equipment care.

Pinca S., Zhou M., Zhu Y., Huntley M., "Spatial 
distribution and size frequency of zooplankton in the 
California Current System in late summer observed by 
Optical Plankton Counter" submitted to Journal of Marine 

2000	Pinca S. "Spatial organization of plankton size 
composition in an eddy-jet system, obtained through 
contiguity-constrained analysis", Deep-Sea Research I, 47, 

1997	Pinca S., Dallot S. "Zooplankton community structure 
in the Western Mediterranean sea related to mesoscale 
hydrodynamics", Hydrobiologia, 356, 127-142.

1995 	Pinca S., Dallot S. ìMeso- and macrozooplankton 
composition patterns related to hydrodynamic structures in 
the Ligurian Sea (Trophos 2 experiment, April-June 1986), 
Marine Ecology Progress Series,126, 49-65.

1993	DiNatale A.,  Labanchi L., Mangano A., Maurizi A., 
Montaldo L., Montebello O., Navarra E., Pederzoli A., 
Pinca S., Placenti V., Schimmenti G.,  Sieni E., Torchia 
G., Valastro M. "Pelagic drifting tools used for the 
fishing of the adult swordfish (Xiphias gladius, L.): 
compared evaluation of functionality, capture capability, 
global impact and economy of systems and re-conversion", 
Reserved report to the Minister of the Navy.

Italian: 	native language
French: 	perfect knowledge of written and spoken language
English: 	perfect knowledge of written and spoken language
Spanish: 	good knowledge of spoken language; perfect 
reading of written language

2000		Scuba dive certification Dive Master PADI
1999		Member of Nature Conservan

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