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Last Call for Registration - There are openings in the following courses.  
HARBOR BRANCH's Summer Courses are designed for advanced undergraduate and
graduate students. The courses are intensive ones, offered in two- to
three-week blocks, to provide complete immersion in a particular topic and
"state of the art" knowledge. Our faculty is comprised of internationally
recognized scientists. Florida Institute of Technology accredits all
* BIO 5510 Molecular Studies of Marine Biological Diversity (3 credits)
Laboratory and field studies of intra-and inter-specific genetic variation
of selected marine invertebrates. Studies on tropical mangrove and coral
reef habitats in Indian River Lagoon and Andros Island, Bahamas, will be
made in a marine conservation context and modern molecular techniques
applied. (Dr. Jose Lopez, June 4-17) 
* BIO 5803 Reproduction & Larval Ecology of Marine Invertebrates (4 credits)
Evolution of reproductive strategies, larval ecology, recruitment, and
invertebrate embryology. Labs emphasize culture methods for embryos from
major and minor phyla. Fieldwork introduces in situ methods. (Dr. Craig
Young, May 14-June 1) 
* BIO 5813 Biology of Sea Turtles (3 credits)  A lecture, lab, and field
course that introduces the behavioral, ecological, and evolutionary
adaptations of sea turtles. Major topics include species identification,
functional anatomy, eggs, nests and hatchings, orientation and navigation,
threats to survival and conservation strategies. (Dr. Jeanette Wyneken, May
14-May 25)
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