NBC 6 EcoWatch: South Florida's Coral Reefs in Crisis (Airing Tuesday, 8/7, 7:00-7:30 PM)

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Coral List: FYI
South Florida's Coral Reefs in Crisis
NBC 6 Shows Why Community Should Care

(Miramar, August 2, 2001) Coral reefs, or "rain forests of the sea," are
dying at an alarming rate. Now, South Florida has become "ground zero" in
the global battle to save these undersea cities, believed to be vital to
most of the world's fish and sea creatures.

As part of a yearlong environmentalawareness campaign called EcoWatch, NBC 6
will air a special called "Coral Crisis" on Tuesday, August 7, from
7:00-7:30PM. NBC 6 Anchor Jennifer Valoppi will host. In the program, NBC 6
travels halfway around the world in search of answers for our coral reefs
here at home. Also featured will be world- renowned oceanographer and
environmentalist Jean Michel Cousteau, son of the late Jacques Cousteau.

Why should South Floridians be concerned about the coral crisis? Currently,
researchers are discovering amazing new medical and scientific benefits to
coral. Conservationists are imploring that saving the coral is simply the
right thing to do. In addition, coral is a key component of South Florida's
billion-dollar tourism industry. So, be it for scientific, environmental or
business reasons, the coral reef crisis is an issue that affects the entire

"The great challenge for Floridians in protecting our coral is to care a
great deal for something we can't even see," said NBC 6 EcoWatch Producer
Jeff Burnside. "That's precisely why the news media have a moral
responsibility to cover this issue. It's unprecedented, and gratifying, that
a local television station is devoting an entire half hour to it."

Because of NBC 6's commitment to environmental coverage, The Pew Center for
Civic Journalism recently became a funding sponsor of EcoWatch. This
prestigious organization, based in Washington, D.C., supports news
organizations that dare to take the high road and cover stories that are
important to the community. For more information on EcoWatch, log on to

Contact: Estela Garcia
(954) 622-6853

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