biodegradable materials for fish traps

edwin grandcourt edwin_grandcourt at
Tue Dec 4 03:18:08 EST 2001

Dear all,

We want to test different degradable materials that attach the mouth 
(funnel) to the main body of fish traps with a view to reducing ghost 
fishing. The material can be in the form of string, twine, tape, clip or 
pull tie however, must dissolve/deteriorate within a period of approx. 7 
days (in sea water of about 28 Celcius).

Has anyone had experience with degradable materials that could be applied in 
this context. Thanks for any help.


Edwin Grandcourt
Marine Environmental Research Center
Environmental Research and
Wildlife Development Agency
Po. Box 45553
Abu Dhabi
Dir. Tel:	+971-2 693 4533
Email:		egrandcourt at

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