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G'day Nikki
  The best product I've found is Vepox CC57 (Aussie name) made by Ameron Coatings.  It has a workable time of about 50 minutes, sets in about 60 min.  I mix it on the surface in icecream containers immediately before the dive.  It is expensive at Aus$120 per 3kg but for transplanting fragments you only need a few grams per coral.  It is relatively non-toxic and corals start to grow over it within 3 months.  For large corals it would be expensive so I recommend using cement.
  One tip...  Epoxies and cement only adhere well to a clean surface so you should drill a hole or chisel a clean patch before attaching the coral.

Rohan Pratt
Flamingo Bay Research
Cairns  Australia

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  I was wondering if anyone knew of any brand names (and company if 
  possible)for epoxy resin used for underwater fixing of corals to hard 
  substrate.I have seen it being discused in e-mails and mentioned in 
  papers and could use it for a similar application.
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