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Angela Dikou scip7318 at nus.edu.sg
Sat Feb 17 20:45:09 EST 2001

Hello everybody,

hope you are keeping fine. We try to introduce undegraduate students into
the advancement of science and the fascination of research on corals and
their systems. Along these lines, I try to locate references on the

1. Who was the first author to have INFERED the presence of photosynthetic,
I will call it, structures inside the live tissue of hard corals?
2. Who was the first author to have PROVED the presence of unicellular
photosynthetic algae in the live tissue of hard corals?

I suspect that both references must be dated before 1930 because in one of
Yonge's work in 1932 it was already known that there are zooxanthellae
inside corals. All of Kawaguti's titles of references, that I am aware of,
do not seem relevant to (1) and (2).

Thank you 


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