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Anita Daley adaley at coral.org
Mon Feb 26 15:16:22 EST 2001

Does anyone have any use for black coral "stems" for your 
institution's exhibit space or any other use?  Perhaps the jewelry 
samples could serve as an example of what tourist's shouldn't 

We received this message today. Please respond directly to Elettra.  Thanks,


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>>I have several "stems" if you will, of black coral from the Caribbean,
>>as well as some jewelry, (pendants,  stones for rings , etc.) The man
>>who polished and made bracelets of this
>>material, contracted a serious skin disorder on his thighs.
>>Apparently, the Planet disapproved even of HIS meddling.
>>As to the W.I.,  Grenada in particular---
>>30 years ago , I lived there.  Now, I wonder if you might need these
>>things for your museum,( provided you have one), in order to show
>>something that would be wiped out if the reefs
>>are destroyed.
>>I am currently owner of a wildlife reserve  and my interests
>>are  with yours-----FOR  LIFE  (lacheim)
>Dear Elettra,
>	Although your samples of black coral are indeed rare 
>specimens, The Coral Reef Alliance does not currently have a museum 
>in which to display them. We therefore wouldn't be able to use them 
>very effectively to teach people about what will be lost with the 
>destruction of coral reefs.  Such items might be useful, however, to 
>a university or museum of natural history.  Actually, if you have 
>any photographs of items made from coral or patches of destroyed 
>coral, we do a lot of education over the world wide web and are 
>always looking for new images to illustrate our points!
>	Best of luck with your wildlife preserve.  We thank you for 
>offering us your items!
>					Sincerely,
>					Christl Denecke
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