Are coral reefs doomed? // Land based sources of pollution.

Lisa Kleinholz lisakleinholz at
Mon Nov 19 09:47:14 EST 2001

Dear Jim,

I'd like a copy if you still have any--for a novel (and series of
magazine articles) I'm completing that focuses on this issue.

Also, at some point, ideally this winter or next spring, I'd like to do
an interview. 

Lisa Kleinholz
203 Heatherstone Road
Amherst, MA 01002
reply to lkleinholz at or lisa at

--- "James W. Porter" <jporter at> wrote:
> I still have reprints of my Academic Press review on this subject: 
> Porter, J.W., and J.I. Tougas.  2001.  Reef ecosystems: Threats to
> their biodiversity.  Encyclop. Biodiver. 5:73-95.

Lisa Kleinholz
exiles at

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