Fire in the Turtle House

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Wed Oct 3 15:44:48 EDT 2001

Dear All,

I would like to second Bill Precht's comments regarding Osha Gray
Davidson's new book, "Fire in the Turtle House." Although focused on the
plight of sea turtles and the rise of fibropapilloma incidence, Osha
brings in some of the other problems of marine epizootics as well. Like
the "Enchanted Braid", his earlier book on reef issues, Osha has
carefully and eloquently described marine issues to bring them to a wide
audience. Hopefully, policemakers and those that fund marine research
are listening...

I have repeated the Web sites that Bill listed. Osha is beginning his tour
very shortly; check the site below to see if he will be in your area.

Erich Mueller

"Fire in the Turtle House"

Book Tour:

The Turtle House Foundation:


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