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The Dick Smith Foods Sponsored Ice-Ship "Sir Hubert Wilkins" has announced a
12 month voyage plan of Exploration, Discovery and Adventure including two
Antarctic and one Great Barrier Reef Expedition.

The ship's owners Don & Margie McIntyre are offering passenger berths on
each voyage and limited opportunities for researchers to utilise the ship's
logistic support capabilities. For worthwhile projects this support will be
provided for a nominal bench fee. During the last Antarctic summer season
the McIntyres, through Dick Smith Foods, were able to provide approximately
$250,000 towards this program of supporting worthwhile research.

Voyage I To the Kent group of Islands is supporting conservation efforts
of the Australian Bush Heritage Fund and Coast Care

Voyage II To Antarctica concentrates on the Commonwealth Bay, Dumont
d'Urville area. Gadget Hut will be removed, efforts made to locate the
anchors lost from Sir Douglas Mawson's support ship, the Aurora, divers will
carry out an underwater clean up of Boat Harbour and visits made to the
French base at Dumont d'Urville.

Voyage III To the Ross Sea region of Antarctica. May include supporting
climbers, divers, snowboarders and possibly transporting family and friends
of victims from the Air New Zealand Mount Erebus crash disaster to the crash

Discussions are currently underway with environmental groups and research
organisations wishing to become involved with a planned 12 week Great
Barrier Reef expedition (Jun/July/Aug 2002). Exciting opportunities are
available for twenty two ships crew, staff, researchers and media travelling
on board and another eight paying passengers.If you would like to join Sir
Hubert Wilkins in any capacity (passenger, adventurer, researcher, crew),
please check out the website
<> . and please tell your friends and


Amanda Till
Executive Co-ordinator
Sir Hubert Wilkins "Ice-Ship Project"
amanda at
Ph: 61 2 9979 8530
Fax: 61 2 9979 8535

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