Volunteer dive training assistant required

Abigail Moore abigailyacl at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 7 22:31:10 EDT 2001

Dear Coral-listers

We are looking for an assistant to help out in our
training and survey programme - perhaps one of you may
be interested or have a friend who is - brief details
below, full details available from: 
Abigail Moore MSc
abigailyacl at yahoo.com
Yayasan Adi Citra Lestari
Jl Setia Budi 14D
Palu, Central Sulawesi
telp: +62 451 425284
fax: + 62 451 422811

The Organisation:
Yayasan Adi Citra Lestari (YACL) is a local NGO in
Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. 
YACL is dedicated to the sustainable development of
the region, in particular it's natural resources, 
include a very extensive coastline - mainly fringed
with coral reefs. 

The Programme:
Data on the condition of the regions coral reefs (and
other marine/coastal ecosystems) is very scarce.
The human (and other)  resources for data gathering
and processing are also minimal. 
In order to begin to remedy these lacks, YACL is about
to run a SCUBA and Marine Survey Traning Programme, 
with backing from: The David & Lucille Packard
Foundation; UNEP EAS/RCU; PADI project Aware.

The "Job":
YACL has a PADI Instructor. However, for the duration
of the initial training and if possible the first
YACL is seeking an assistant - Divemaster, Assistant
Instructor, or Instructor.
Duties: to assist in preparing (to a limited extent)
and carrying out training to PADI Open Water level, 
plus simple survey skills, for two groups of 4
Indonesian people - most of whom will not speak
(at a pool near Palu, and in the Bay of Palu or the
West Coast)
and if possible to accompany the group on their first
training survey, on YACL's dive boat, "Dolphins" 
(to Pulau Paoso, a protected area and turtle nesting
ground on the West Coast, North of Palu).

Training takes place 8-18 October and 22 October-1
November 2001 
Initial survey shortly thereafter, must be completed
before 14th november latest.
Required dates: arrive before 7th October (preferably
around 1-6th October) 
and leave not before 2 Nov, preferably after survey
(probably around 10-12th November)

Travel to/from Palu to place of residence not covered
- though a contribution might be possible
On-site costs (food/accomodation, transport etc)
covered by YACL
Small fee - $50 per week

Other considerations:
This is essentially a volunteer position, and an
opportunity to contribute to the long-term future of
Sulawesi's marine environment, especially coral reefs
and associated ecosystems.
There would be opportunities for further involvement
if desired.
A working knowledge of the Indonesian (or Malay)
language would be a big advantage.
Experience in marine survey work (especially manta-tow
and Reef Check) would be very useful.
Preference will be given to female candidates, in
order to promote the image of women as capable
of involvement in marine/scientific activities, and as
role model/encouragement for local young women.

If a visa is necessary - ie if not Indonesian or an
Indonesian resident - the necessary letters will be
to obtain a Visa Sosial Budaya - a tourist visa is not
suitable for this work. This visa costs around 
$50 (in local currency) from any Indonesian Embassy or
Consulate, and the process generally
takes between 1and 3 days. Two (or more) colour
passport photos (on red background) are also
usually required.

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