Middle East, East Africa, Indian Ocean

Clive Wilkinson cwilkins at aims.gov.au
Wed Aug 14 22:56:01 EDT 2002

To coral reef workers

Do you have any coral reef status or monitoring data and information for
reefs in:

The Arabian (Persian) Gulf, Arabian Sea, Red Sea, Eastern Africa, Southern
Indian Ocean Islands or South Asia?

The regional coordinators for the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network are
compiling the latest information on the status of their reefs for
publishing in Status of Coral Reefs of the World: 2002 due for release in
November. There are often huge gaps in their information.

They would like to hear from you on where and when you visited their
regions and if possible get access to any data you have on the status of
the reefs and fish populations. We would particularly like to get
information on reefs before and after the massive 1998 bleaching event to
document the extent of losses and subsequent recovery.  Any data or
anecdotal accounts will be useful.

Also if you are launching major initiatives in any parts of this region,
maybe we can include a Box in the next report.

Please send these to the GCRMN Node Coordinators:

Hassan Mohammadi <ropme at qualitynet.net> and  Fareed Krupp
<fareedk at sol.net.sa> for the Arabian (Persian) Gulf, Arabian Sea,

Abdullah Alsuhaibany <abdullah.alsuhaibany at persga.org> for the Red Sea,

Nyawira Muthiga <nmuthiga at AfricaOnline.Co.Ke> and David Obura
<dobura at africaonline.co.ke> for Eastern Africa,

Lionel Bigot <lbigot.arvam at wanadoo.fr> for Southern Indian Ocean Islands,

Ben Cattermoul <reefmonitor at eureka.lk> for South Asia?

Thank you

Clive Wilkinson

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