Request for Photographs

moonwrasse2001 at moonwrasse2001 at
Tue Dec 10 11:22:13 EST 2002

We would be very grateful for any photographs on the following topics.
We are developing some public information materials for distribution to
our member dive centres so we would require permission by you to use
these photos. If you could attach low resolution images to an email and
then at a later date perhaps we could arrange transfer of a larger file
or negatives. Of course we would credit any pictures used.

Thanks in advance

Underwater pictures of snorkellers trampling on the reef or walking over
the reef table.
Pictures of Reef Fish and Invertebrates for Sale
Pictures of reef curios for sale
Beaches or underwater scene strewn with plastic rubbish
A beach or underwater clean-up group
Anchors on the reef
A cut open shark stuffed with plastic bags
A turtle eating a plastic bag
Any other amazing images you want exposure for.

William Templeman
The Moonwrasse Programme
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