Oil rigs produce fish, coral, live rock, and endangered species

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Dear Listers,

We collected still photos from videos filmed below offshore oil and gas
platforms in Gulf of Mexico and put them on the website below. The =
videos contain many interesting events. We tried to pick some still =
photos from the video that represent our findings. Someday we'll post =
the videos on the site.=20


The photos demonstrate that coral, protected invertebrates,  ~30 species
of federally managed fish, and endangered sea turtles colonize offshore
platforms in significant numbers. We have recorded 7 species of =
Damselfish Pomacentridae which are laying eggs on the platforms and =
because of the location of the platforms, the fish rely on the =
artificial structures for the duration of the lives.  We are observing a
large and diverse community of Caribbean fish and invertebrates.

The interesting point is that there are no natural reef recruitment =
areas near the platforms on film. They exist on thousands of sq miles of
turbid ocean floor.  Its possible that larvae may drift to the platforms
from the Flower Gardens, however it is unlikely that adult obligatory =
reef species are traveling 50-100 km to these platforms.=20

We are finding that platforms are serving as a surrogate nesting grounds
to the drifting larvae of several species of Wrasse Labridae, =
Parrotfishes Scaridae, Butterflyfish Chaetodontidae, Anglefish =
Pomacanthidae, and Surgeonfish Acanthuridae. We are recording =
post-larval, juveniles, and large populations of adults.

There is much more, please take a look and click on http://


If you have any questions or you see any mistakes, please inform me by =

Best Regards,

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