coral cores and sharks

Silvia Pinca milviapin at
Sun Feb 24 18:03:52 EST 2002

Dear Listers,

just wondering if anybody could be interested in
some 1 m deep coral cores drilled in Majuro,
Marshall Islands, for mooring installments.

Also, are there any shark experts out there able
to identify sharks fom dorsal fin pictures? i
have the pictures and would be ready to send
them. they come from RMI, where 'ocean' shark
fishing strated a few months ago. Are they really
ocean sharks? What would be their sizes? etc.
etc.... Trying once more to ivestigate on the

Thank you all,

Silvia Pinca,

Marine Science Program
College of the Marshall Islands
P.O. Box 1258
Majuro, MH 96960
ph. 692-625-5903

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