Coral recruitment

Ron Devine Vave S96007966 at
Tue Jan 15 22:15:16 EST 2002

Hello Coral-listers,

please allow me to briefly introduce myself. My name is Ron Vave, and I'm
an MSc student in marine science, at the University of the South Pacific,
here in Fiji.

my interest lies in coral recruitment or settlement study. have found
of literatures on this, but little to none mention procedures for the
identification of coral spats (using a dissecting microscope) on
settlement tiles, which I intend to be doing.

What differences in skeletal structure of coral spats are used to
differentiate one category from another? If possible, please send photos
as examples.

Are their any courses or literatures (journal articles, books etc) on the
identification of coral spats?

I'm be more than glad to exchange photomicrographs of coral spats.

Thanks in advance.

Ron Devine Vave
C/-Marine Studies Program,
University of the South Pacific,
Suva, Fiji Islands.

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