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We are in the process of converting the late 1970s assessment of the
Pennekamp coral reefs (off Key Largo, Florida) written by Dr. Gilbert
Voss (University of Miami) into electronic form for publication as part
of a document rescue effort. Dr. Voss sent the slides taken during the
assessment to the NOAA Sanctuaries Program Division. The person who
received the slides is no longer listed in the NOAA personnel directory.
Does anyone know where the slides are? Our goal is to include scans of
the slides in the CD containing the Voss Pennekamp report to make the
photographic material available.

If you know anything about the Pennekamp slides, please let us know.

The document rescue effort is part of the Coastal and Estuarine
Data/Document Archeology and Rescue (CEDAR) Project for South Florida.
Documents rescued to date can be found here

The latest CEDAR publication is the Dry Tortugas field diary of Dr.
Charles M. Breder, Jr. During the summer of 1929, Dr. Breder, employed
at that time by the New York Aquarium and American Museum of Natural
History, visited the Carnegie Laboratory in the Dry Tortugas to study
the development and habits of flying fishes and their allies. The diary
of the trip was donated to the Mote Marine Laboratory Library by his
family. Dr. Breder's meticulous handwritten account gives us the
opportunity to see the simple yet great details of his observations and
field experiments. The introduction to the transcribed diary was written
by Dr. Eugenie Clark, one of his students.

Dr. Breder's diary is available in PDF format online here
(<>, scroll down to
Cantillo, Collins and Clark). A CD version of the diary is available.
Please contact me for a copy.

As other publications of interest to the corals community become
available a note will be posted.

Thank you.

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