Coral Reefs vision for the Maldives

Fabrice Poiraud-Lambert fpl at
Thu Jan 24 13:49:19 EST 2002

Dear All,

In order to promote the CIRCoP project (Int'l Coral Reefs Conferences of =
Paris -, I've been asked to answer questions during an =
Interview which will be made by a French TV in few weeks.

They would like to know some things about Maldives, and If I have a =
personal opinion as I'm diving there every year since 1999, I would love =
to have yours as scientists :=20

- What is the most potential future of Maldives' coral reefs : Recovery =
? Death ? How much time for both according to you ? - What is the most
potential future of Maldives' islands : stand by ? = Disappearance ? - Is
there something currently done to restore these reefs ? Can = something be
done ?

Thanks for your opinions, it will help me to provide the best answers.

Best Regards
Fabrice Poiraud-Lambert
CIRCoP Project Manager, to Enjoy Great Protected Coral Reefs
Official Partners : VediorBis - Sony Computer France - Salon de la =
Plong=E9e de Paris

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