Coral Reefs in the Desert? Ocotillos and Salt Whips...

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Mon Jul 1 19:01:52 EDT 2002


Teachers in New Mexico are studying watersheds in the mountains above
Albuquerque, which were once mostly covered by Oceans long ago.

We realized the limestone content in the creek was probably an ancient coral
reef at one time.

In the deserts below Albuquerque, out into the great Chihuahuan realm,
Ocotillo cactus looked like kin to soft corals.

Question: is there any possibility that corals and Ocotillos could be
related? Granted the Ocotillo is a plant, and the coral is a plant-like
animal. But maybe the Ocotillo adapted as the Ocean receded?

Thank you for any feedback, on behalf of interested teachers and students.


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