Virus attack

Louis Florit Louis.Florit at
Thu Nov 7 21:15:06 EST 2002

Good evening coral-listers:

It would seem, unfortunately, that a computer virus has managed to
penetrate the list server and has probably been transmitted to many of
the list subscribers.  It appears the virus was delivered before our
virus scanners managed to update their virus definition files.

The virus is a particularly nasty version called 'Bridex', also known as
Bride or I-Worm.  It is a Windows based virus that has the ability to
execute itself when recieved by Microsoft Outlook through a
vulnerability in the operating system (usually you have to open the
attachment for infection to occur).  The program is called README.EXE
and once that is run it ties itself into various places in your system
and starts delivering copies of itself to all the email addresses in the
address book.  It has the nasty habit of crashing Windows if you try to
run antivirus programs after it has infected the system.

The following website has more details about the virus:

I would advise you to have a virus scanner installed as a normal course
of operating your computer.  If you have any questions, please contact
me at this email address.

Louis Florit
Coral-List Tech Admin

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