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Status of Coral Reefs of the World: 2002, edited by AIMS scientist Clive
Wilkinson, has been available on the AIMS website since early December,
under e-books. It can be found in very accessible format at:
Cheers, Theresa
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     Subject: GCRMN Status Report available on ReefBase

     Dear Coral-Listers

     Following the recent launch of the 2002 Global Coral Reef Status
     Report in
     December, the full text of the report is now available for
     download on
     ReefBase. It has also been broken down into separate chapters
     reports) for individual download. The reports can be accessed
     either from
     the Status/Status Reports menu area (enter GCRMN in the source
     Field and
     2002 in the year field), or in the References area where you can
     search by
     any of the chapter authors as well as by title and source.

     In the next few months we will be extracting text from these
     reports to
     include in our text database on status, management and threats to
     reefs by country.

     Best Regards

     Jamie Oliver

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