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G=92day Pete,

I nominate the University of Asmara, Eritrea, especially the
department of Marine Sciences and Fisheries, for the library award.
I have worked with the folks there since 1998, and they are doing a
great job with very little. This library ward would make a great
contribution, because the library is minimal, and they still have only
the most rudimentary internet services. In June last year I took part
in the UoA=92s =93Research for Nation Building=94 Symposium, and was real=
impressed with
The University of Asmara is a full service university (and the ONLY
university) in a nation of 3.5M people that is rebuilding itself
following 30 years of war. The mission of the institution is to
develop Eritrea=92s human capacity for sustainable development of the
nation. It currently has over 5,000 students enrolled in undergraduate
classes. The Department of Marine Science and Fisheries typically
graduates 15 four year (honours) degree students per year. Most of
them find work in the Ministry of Fisheries or the private sector,
while some small proportion go on to do graduate degrees overseas. I
currently have one of the program=92s graduates as a Ph.D. student, and
Nancy Knowlton just took on one as well. These people really make a
large and noticable difference in their country. Several are currently
involved in a GEF project focused on marine biodiversity (Eritreas has
>1200km of the SW Red Sea=92s most pristine marine and coastal
environment). The books would be used not only buy this program and
its students, but also by staff at the Ministry of Fisheries, and
visiting scientists (who are increasing in number since hostilities
ended with the arrival of the UN peace-keeping forces). The UpA
maintains a full service (albeit poorly stocked) library, with
holdings accessible not only to university students, but also to bone
fide external researchers. The books and journals would be well looked
after in a safe, air-conditioned environment, but would also be very
It is difficult for me to imagine a more deserving institution to
receive this award.
If you think that they are in the running, please let me know and I
will put you in touch with the head of department and the chief

Bruce G. Hatcher, Ph.D.
Environmental Editor, CORAL REEFS
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        International Society for Reef Studies
        Library Awards 2003

        The International Society for Reef Studies invites any person
involved with coral reef studies, management and conservation to
nominate an institution for participation in their Library Awards
scheme for 2003.  The scheme is intended to recognize and support
institutions in developing countries for their important contributions
to coral reef studies, conservation and management.

        What will award winners receive?

        Thanks to the generosity of their authors and publishers and a
subsidy by the Society, up to 10 institutions will receive copies of
the following publications:

        =B7     Proceedings of the 9th International Coral Reef
Symposium, Bali, Indonesia, 2000
        =B7     Corals of the world (3 volumes) By J.E.N. Veron and
Mary Stafford-Smith.
        =B7     Soft Corals and Sea Fans By K. Fabricius and P.
Alderslade. A comprehensive guide to the tropical shallow-      water
genera of the Central-West Pacific, the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea
        =B7     Systema Porifera Edited by John Hooper and Rob van
        =B7     Dynamics of Coral Communities By Ronald H. Karlson.
        =B7     Perspectives on Coral Reefs By David Barnes (Editor).
        =B7     Three-year subscription to Coral Reefs (2003-5 incl.)
        =B7     Three-year subscription to Reef Encounter (2003-5

        Who may nominate an institution for an award?

        =B7     A member of the institute seeking an award=B7
        =B7     Any other person who can provide details

        How to make a nomination

        Nominate an institution in no more than 100 words, describing
a) the mission of the institution and the numbers of people who use it
or are part of it; b) the purpose for which the books would be used;
and c) arrangements that will ensure broad access to the books within
the institution for whom the books are requested.

        Send nominations to:

        ISRS Library Award Committee
        C/- Dr Peter J Mumby
        Corresponding Secretary, International Society for Reef

        Marine Spatial Ecology Lab
        School of Biological Sciences
        Hatherly Laboratory
        Prince of Wales Road
        University of Exeter
        EX4 4PS
        United Kingdom

        tel: + 44 (0)1392 263798
        fax: + 44 (0)1392 263700
        e-mail: p.j.mumby at

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