Dates coral spawning 2003 / South. Caribbean

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Thu Mar 20 09:06:44 EST 2003

Dear all,
Below you'll find the predicted dates for this years' coral spawning in the
Southern Caribbean. For anyone interested in places more towards the North I
would refer to Dr. Szmant's dates posted on the list a few weeks ago. The
data are based of yearly observations during the last 6 years on Curacao
(Netherlands Antilles, 12N).
Acropora palmata : Aug  17 18: 21h15-22h00;
Acropora cervicornis: Aug  17 18: 21h00-22h00;
Diploria labyrinthiformis: Sep 15-18 & Oct 16-18: 22h00-23h30;
Diploria strigosa: Sep 17 18 22h00-23h 30;Oct 17 18 22h00-23h00
Montastraea cavernosa: Sep 15-17 & Oct 15 16: 21h00-23h00;
M. annularis s.l. : Sep 15-18 & Oct 16-18: 21h00-22h30;
Eusmilia fastigiata: planulae likely visible between Sep 15 Oct 31 in
Madracis senaria: Sep 18 19 & Oct 18 19, between 0h00-06h00;
Agaricia humilis: entire period Sep- Nov;
Agaricia agaricites: entire period Sep- Nov;
Stephanocoenia michelini: Sep 16-18 & Oct 16-18: 21h00-22h00;

Enjoy the wonder and best regards,
Mark Vermeij

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