[Coral-List] More about Bleaching in Cuban Reefs

Pedro Alcolado alcolado at ama.cu
Fri Oct 31 08:15:43 EST 2003

More about coral bleaching in Cuba 
(data from our experimental Network of "Coral Reef Real Time Warning Volunteer Dive Centers" of Cubanacán Náutica).

Reef of Santa Lucía Dive Center  ScubaCuba "Sharks's Friends" (Cubanacán Náutica). East of the entrance of the Bay of Nuevitas, N of Camagüey (21º36' N, 77º 05' W): Moderate bleaching (20-30% of colonies), with predominantly paler colonies (not just white) (October 9)  

Reef of Scuba Cuba "Faro Luna" Dive Center (Cubanacán Náutica) . East of the entrance of Cienfuegos Bay (22º 02' N, 80º 26' W): No Bleaching (less than 1 %) (October 5) 
Pedro M. Alcolado

Note to Jim Hendee and Alan Strong: Please send that information to ReefBase, because my internet connection fails to sending the filled ReefBase coral bleaching blank. Thanks

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