[Coral-List] Association between crabs and anemones

Rocco Rorandelli rocco.rorandelli at unifi.it
Fri Oct 31 09:14:07 EST 2003

I am working on the symbiontic association between some spider crabs such 
as Inachus sp. and Macropodia sp. with Anemonia sulcata and Aiptasia 
mutabilis in the Mediteranean Sea.

I am seeking info about the associations of crabs and anemones in the 
Indian Ocean, if anyone of you ever saw crabs dwelling among the tentacles 
of an anemone he/she knows it is one of the most exciting underwater 
encounters! trust me!
(or see http://www.mpi-seewiesen.mpg.de/~knauer/diesel/inach1.jpg)



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