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Doug Fenner d.fenner at aims.gov.au
Thu Sep 18 02:40:24 EDT 2003

   Stylophora pistillata has been used extensively in experiments on
metabolism and zooxanthellae - in the Bali symposium it was even referred
to as the coral lab rat.  It is also widespread in the I-P, though not as
wide as P. damicornis, but the genus is not in the Caribbean.  I have no
idea on how easy it is to reproduce in an aquarium or use for genetics.
There are only about seven species in the genus and they generally don't
dominate reefs.
   There are no Pocillopora in the Caribbean.  There are about 17 species
in the genus and while important in the eastern Pacific the genus is less
so elsewhere.

  PS - Veron recognizes 165 species of Acropora in his Corals of the World
(2000), Wallace recognizes 114 in her Staghorn Corals of the World (1999).
Many more names have been applied, but many or all of these are synonyms
and don't represent additional species.  New species will no doubt continue
to be described and some may be 'rediscovered' among the names thought to
be synonyms.   -Doug
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