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Shashank and the list

To quote a Samoan colleague of mine:
 " That's a good one. The Samoans fooled a German anthropologist in the late 1800s with regards to Palolo (Eunice) and now they are doing it again to someone in Japan in the 2000s - hmmm something is fishy about this." 
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Dear listers... 
My question this time may sound crazy...I want to 
know if coral eggs are delicacy in some parts of 
the world....do people eat coral eggs??? Now, the 
origin of my question lies in my discussion about 
corals with one of my friend form Samoa.  He said 
that during the spawning season, corals eggs are 
collected and it is a very tasty food.  Is it 
true? I will wait for some facts about this form 
whoever knows for sure about people consuming 
coral eggs or is it just that my friend do not 
know what corals are....... 


"the role of infinitely small in nature is infinitely large"-Louis Pasteur                

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