[Coral-List] Status of Coral Reefs of the World: 2004

Clive Wilkinson clive.wilkinson at impac.org.au
Tue Aug 10 02:09:11 EDT 2004

To Coral Listers  

Plagues, predators, pestilence and invasive species

The third request for  Status of Coral Reefs of the World: 2004 specifically the chapter on Global Threats to Coral Reefs. 

Could you please provide any reports of predators and plagues that are damaging coral reefs, including invasive species. Recently Status 2002 was criticised for not mentioning invasive species - so we need specific examples. 

 We would like to include your summarised data or anecdotal reports for any region.

These reports will be summarised and published in Status 2004 which is targeted at senior decision makers and politicians. We will also put the information on ReefBase, which is assembling thousands of  similar  reports. We do not want the raw data but summaries of what has happened.

Please also send any stories of diseases of coral reef organisms and also of coral bleaching e.g. recovery (or not) after the major 1998 global bleaching event; and reports of coral bleaching and mortality since 1998, especially 2002 to 2004. 

Please reply to status2004 at impac.org.au or c.wilkinson at aims.gov.au


Clive Wilkinson
Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network

PS - the Status 2004 report will not be all 'doom and gloom'; there will be a chapter on New Initiatives

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